Our programs are hands-on, highly engaging, fun and educational. We have introductory programs for beginners as well as more advanced programs. In all cases, participants work on interactive and inspiring projects to have fun and learn by doing.


We offer:

  • Fun, engaging, safe, well-organized & affordable camps and events.
  • Integrated coding, hardware, 3D design & interactive arts providing future-ready skills.
  • Students get access to the tools, skills and training they need to compete for modern day jobs through the satisfaction found in creating while learning.


“The tools, training and projects are what sets this program apart. The kids are so engaged and even the young, “non-geeky” kids complete sophisticated projects that give them amazing, future ready skills.”

John Biehler, 3D printing leader and author


We have developed a course curriculum for kids with a range of unique maker programs such as:

  • 3D Printing
  • Robotics
  • Minecraft & 3D design
  • Electronics & coding
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Arduino projects
  • Modeling & 3D printing
  • Art & design
  • Laser cutting & metal work
  • Flextronics, sensors & more


We have projects which are fun & diverse, appealing to both boys & girls such as:

  • Drawbots and spherebots
  • Robotic arms
  • Drones
  • Coding & game development
  • Wearable tech fashion & more


Our camps come with defined lesson plans that are age appropriate for children from 7-12 and youth from 12-15. We also offer workshops for adults, including teacher and librarian professional development.