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Maker Hardware, Software, eLearning and Training all in one easy to use package.


We provide the most leading edge workshop technology – stimulating tomorrow’s digital creators. We offer a fully packaged & standardized set of fabrication tools including:


  • 3D printers, scanners, design software, laser cutters, CNC mill & lathe, electronics, craft & hardware supplies along with e-Learning modules & support for teachers.
  • Localized curriculum mapped projects for K-12 students & teachers.
  • Digital maker platform includes e-learning modules, online communities, support forums & digital portfolios.
  • Teacher training & support.
  • Convenient subscription service which includes projects & equipment updates & maintenance.


Students are provided access to the tools, skills & training they need to compete for modern day jobs through the satisfaction found in creating while learning.


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“The maker lab environment gives kids the chance to learn design thinking, prototyping and even in some cases kids are commercializing the product ideas they come up with. I have incorporated this unique lab environment into my university engineering design class with the students successfully fabricating their own very creative designs.”


Mark J Wlodyka, Engineering Instructor, Capilano University

“We have been able to bounce our creative ideas around & obtain some terrific feedback from the smart people from the maker lab. We have been able to include some of our leading edge technology into the kids projects and the maker lab equipment. We are amazed at what the kids can make.”


Steve Swift, President – SOC Robotics.

“The tools & training is what sets this program apart from any other workshop I’ve ever seen – there’s nothing like it in Canada.”


John Biehler, One of Canada’s top 3D Printing experts, teacher & author.

“This stuff is so new that most universities don’t even offer these skills yet. The lab environment allows you to learn alongside many other like-minded students.
We also have some great proto-typing tools where kids are getting excited about commercializing some of the products they come up with.”


Kimball Andersen, Zen Lab Operations

Clients & Partners



Zen 24/7 Innovation Hub


Maker Lab in a Box is headquartered at ZEN 24/7 Innovation Hub and Zen Maker Lab.
A North Vancouver hub that works alongside the local community & stakeholders to build scalable, thriving businesses.


ZEN 24/7 is a new type of hub that combines the following:


  • Business Incubator
  • Maker Lab
  • Code School
  • Digital Marketing & Printing
  • Ecommerce & Shipping