Our mission is to provide students and educators with access to the tools, skills and  training they need to compete for modern day jobs through the satisfaction found in creating while learning.


  • Maker Lab in a Box is an internal spin-off company from North Vancouver innovation hub, Zen 24/7, Zen Maker Lab and a Zen Maker Kids division.
  • We will operate out of this 6000 sq. ft. Hub and studio facility set up to make high quality e-Learning maker curriculum.
  • Our shared facility means efficient cost structure, talent and operations are all in place.
  • We started in 2013 by creating kids maker programs, summer camps, and have working with educators and school districts on other technology projects since 2010.
  • We constantly receive excellent feedback from kids, educators and parents though our lab, camps and market research.
  • We have hands on experience with the a wide variety of the latest tech equipment with tools with over $100,000 invested in the past few months alone.

Maker Labs


A new “maker movement” is a global phenomena spreading rapidly.


  • Every school, district, library and community wants one but few know how to get started and sustain a high quality.
  • New maker tools combined with the cloud and the openness in hardware and software provide the biggest advancement in the maker culture.
  • Similar private educational spaces have been popping up in other parts of the world (hundreds per year) in just the past five years.
  • Presently the market is highly fragmented and  “Maker Lab in a Box” has simplified learning solutions for both kids and teachers to learn future-ready skills.

Maker Growth


  • 3D experience is now in demand by most industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, software developers, commercial and industrial designers and marketing managers.
  • 3D printing market sales will top $16.2B in 2019, up from $3.8bn in 2014.
  • Low cost 3D printers are driving this market (28.1% sales by 2018, up from 11.6% in 2014). 
  • Job ads for “additive manufacturing skills” increased by 1,834% between 2010 and 2014

Our Team


  • Nathan Dolton
    Dev Ops
    Nathan Dolton

    Head of Dev Ops. Equally comfortable with hardware, software and security. Nathan has been working with maker technology for more than ten years and is our resident “hacker” that can answer just about anything when everyone else is stuck.


  • Cyri Jones
    Cyri Jones

    Product Development. Senior level experience with Yellow Pages, Future Shop, Thinq, and the Vancouver School Board. 20 years experience specializing in marketing in education sector. Faculty at the BC Institute of Technology and Capilano University.


  • Kimball Andersen
    VP, Engineering
    Kimball Andersen

    Engineering lead, curriculum, instructor team lead. 5 years experience working on 3D printing prototypes. With an undergraduate degree in Materials Science and Engineering a Masters in Mechatronic systems engineering, he is a pioneer in the use of new materials for use in filament-based 3D printers.


  • John Biehler
    Evangelist / PR
    John Biehler

    One of Canada’s top 3D Printing expert, teacher and author, 12 year history of entrepreneurship in the technology space. Worked on 3D printing projects with renowned artist Douglas Copeland.


  • Dwayne Harapnuik
    Director Learning & Innovation
    Dwayne Harapnuik

    A technology and media innovator and pioneer in online learning at University of Alberta. Currently also implementing Learning Innovation Strategy at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) as well as being an instructor for a Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College and Lamar University


  • Mo Ahmad
    Mo Ahmad

    A lawyer by trade, entrepreneurial by nature and extensive advisory experience on tax issues and employee incentive plans. Many years of experience with his own Tax firm and a previous senior manager with Ernst & Young.