Maker Tech 2 Go


We are excited to announce our new service starting in the fall, 2016, Maker Tech 2 Go!

It’s not always possible for individuals, classes or schools to come to Zen Maker Lab but now we can come to you with our Maker Tech 2 Go portable maker lab! We mainly serve the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia but depending on the scope of your needs, we can also sometimes make it further out to Vancouver Island, the Interior and beyond.

Some of the Maker Tech 2 Go services we offer include:

Maker Tech Days – We can start with an assembly presentation to your school and then cycle up to 150 kids through our mobile maker lab and engaging maker project

Maker Class – We can come into your classroom and lead an engaging maker project. It’s a great way for knowledge transfer to your school’s teachers as well.

Maker Birthday Parties – We can host at your home or you can book a community centre near you. We have a range of fun topics including 3D Design and 3D Printing, Vibrobots, Wearable Tech Jewellery and more!

Maker Demos & Training – We can help get your teachers, librarians or company staff up to date on the latest maker technologies.

Portable Maker Lab Don’t have the budget or in-house expertise to safely maintain a permanent, well-equipped maker lab? We can set up a maker lab at your school or organization on a regular but part time basis, e.g. one day a week.

Maker Tech Equipment Maintenance & Repairs — What’s the point of having a 3D printer if it’s sitting in the closet broken! We can get your equipment working again and can provide all your consumable needs like 3D printer filament.

For more information on Maker Tech 2 Go, please see our brochure:

Maker Tech 2 Go Services

The Maker Tech 2 Go program is currently being run out of Zen Maker Lab in North Vancouver, British Columbia.