"Influential Horizon Report 2016 lists makerspaces and robotics as two of the six key trends in post-secondary education Time to widespread adoption is 2-3 years"

Maker Space History



Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak early days in their Maker Lab

Early maker space labs or tech garages were essential for many notorious inventors:

    • Thomas Edison 1876
    • Alexander Bell 1877
    • Walt Disney 1923
    • Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard 1939
    • Xerox 1960
    • Steve Jobs’ and Steve Wozniak 1980
    • Bill Gates 1975
    • Michael Dell 1984
    • Larry Page and Sergey Brin 1998
    • Driven by the expiration of key patents, CNC and 3D printing technologies evolved into consumer-facing machines that fit on a desktop and cost less than $1,000.


There is a rich history of creative, cross-disciplinary inventive maker spaces a bit on the “fringes” that have led to some of the world’s biggest innovations. Companies and governments and now schools are slowly becoming aware of their transformative power.