Strategic Planning


Make sure you get your maker initiative project on the right foundation with expert advice and a well thought out. We can help you formulate an effective maker strategy and implementation that will ensure your maker lab initiative is sustainable, cost effective and safe.

Maker Training & Certification


We offer a blended learning maker certification program for teachers that includes hands on training, e-learning modules and online support. We can provide customized face-to-face training on a wide range of maker topics from our headquarters and maker lab in North Vancouver, BC or we can provide on-site training.

Single Mobile - Maker Station


Our mobile maker workstation includes a 3D printer and filament, computer control station, soldering equipment and supplies, electronics, small hand tools, storage cabinet and fasteners, and a project kit with a science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) theme. This helps new users get up to speed.

Multi Mobile - Maker Station


End your 3D printing bottlenecks with our compact and mobile 3D scanning and printing station. It includes a 3D scanner and mini-iPad, five – 3D printers and rolls of filament along with a computer control station. It includes a project kit for scanning and 3D printing a mini-me!

Full Scale Maker Lab


We can save you time and money by setting up a turnkey maker lab for you. We look after procurement, set-up, equipment maintenance, teacher training and support to ensure you have a well functioning, safe & user-friendly space.

Maker Digital Platform


Here you’ll find continuous education with our digital platform which includes e-learning modules, online support forums, maker lab tools, and digital portfolios. We have curriculum projects for K-12 students and teachers as well as 3D printing designs, laser cutting files and instructions.

Kids Camps and Events


We help organize kids summer camps, local events and community maker challenges.  Here kids will find maker education, interactivity, inspiring projects and competitions. Kids also create their own projects to help address a local community problem or opportunity.



Maker Shop


Shop for 3D printers, filament, laser cutters, maker tools, electronics and robotics. We can conveniently restock your maker consumables and maker project kits and help you track your overall maker initiative costs.

Maker Van


A fully equipped Sprinter van with a portable maker lab — small laser cutter and 3D printers along with tools will tour a number of schools and libraries along with large scale maker presentation capabilities.